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Nickel Silver Rod

Nickel Silver Rod

Nickel Silver Rod

BS2874: NS101: BS2870: NS104 / NS106 - Silver Speed - XL

We deal in offering our clients a wide range of Nickel Silver Rod that is manufactured using the high-grade material. Nickel Silver is a copper alloy with additions of zinc and nickel. Their special blend of mechanical properties, physical properties and performance characteristics depend upon the relative proportions of the three elements. Their attractive color varies from pale gold to silvery white. These copper alloys are termed nickel silver because they contain nickel and are, by and large, silvery in appearance. But the term is somewhat misleading since they are neither nickel-based nor do they contain silver! They are best considered as brasses to which nickel is added, primarily to improve tarnish resistance, oxidation resistance, and general mechanical performance characteristics.

Nickel Silvers are capable of providing a unique combination of strength, high modulus spring properties, corrosion and oxidation resistance, anti-galling properties, excellent cryogenic performance and numerous other attributes combined with ease of forming, machining plating and joining.

Silver speed-XL Extra Free-Machining Rod:

This is a free-machining alloy with a machineability almost the same as free-cutting brass. It is highly recommended for the production of intricate components by complex machining operations. This grade is stocked exclusively by Columbia and as with all standard grades, will be specified in the new European Standards for copper based alloys. It has basically the same application and performance characteristics as NS101, but with an invaluable increase of around 20% in machineability.

Nominal Composition:

NS 101 45% Copper 10% Nickel 2% Lead Remainder Zinc NS104 63% Copper 12% Nickel 0.2% Manganese Remainder Zinc NS 106 63% Copper 18% Nickel 0.3% Manganese Remainder Zinc Silver speed 49% Copper 7% Nickel 3% Lead 2% Manganese Remainder Zinc

Mechanical Properties: (Specification Minimum all sizes)

NS 101 UTS 460N/mm: Elongation 8% NS 104 Hardness 130 HV NS 106 Hardness 110 HV max Silver speed UTS 500N/mm2: PS 400N/mm2: Elongation 18%: Hardness 180 HV

Chemical Properties


44.00 – 47.00


1.00 – 2.50


9.00 – 11.00


0.40 Max


0.20 – 0.50



Total Other Impurities (Excl. Iron) 0.30 Max.


Mechanical Properties As Manufactured

%Elongation at 5.65Sq.Rt So G.L. 8.00 Min.

U.T.S. N/mm Sq.

460 Min.


Over 6 mm to 80 mm


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